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Elaine Yoder

Elaine YoderElaine Yoder is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner(cm) who draws from an extensive experience with several forms of movement, including dance, running, and martial arts. She is also a Hendrickson Method® therapist, an orthopedic manual therapy with a strong emphasis on functional anatomy. She maintains a private practice in Berkeley and in Santa Rosa, CA and teaches Awareness Through Movement classes in Santa Rosa on Friday, and Berkeley on Saturday.

She has been practicing the martial art, Aikido, in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1977. She holds a 6th degree black belt and has taught at City Aikido in San Francisco for over 30 years.

All of this is applied toward helping you overcome limitations and achieve your goals.

"Severe rheumatoid arthritis had me walking (and occasionally groaning) like Frankenstein’s monster before I began working with Elaine Yoder several years ago. Approved by both my rheumatologist and my GP, Elaine’s Feldenkrais treatments have helped loosen my aching joints and improve my overall quality of life. A case in point: After straining to squeeze my large and aching frame into my truck to drive to a recent session, I slid into the cab one hour later with the ease and comfort of a foot slipping into a familiar old shoe."

Robert G. Glantz


Awareness Through Movement®

Friday, 12-1pm
Journey Center
1601 4th Street
Santa Rosa CA 95404

Saturday, 10-11 AM
830 Bancroft Way, Suite 107
Berkeley, CA 94710

Private Sessions

Functional Integration®

Wednesday and Saturday
830 Bancroft Way, Suite 107
Berkeley, CA 94710

Thursday, Santa Rosa
Please contact Elaine for information

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